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Gogar Services

Market leading Transport, Storage & Waste Solutions


Trusted Service

Gogar Services specialises in providing road and sea transport for solid and liquid materials ranging from pelatised wood fuel for power stations to wastewater from sewage treatment plants. 


Since 2008, Gogar has served some of the UK's most recognisable companies delivering best in class customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Headquartered Stirling, Scotland, and with depots throughout the United Kingdom, Gogar operates a flexible and efficient service which is reflected in our emergency response time & pricing. 


In addition to Transport, Gogar Services offers Bulk Storage and an expansive Plant Hire operation alongside our various Industrial Services such as emergency spill response, industrial cleaning, factory maintenance & factory relocation. With our full in-house team of mechanics and plant operators, we can offer fast and effective repairs to not only our own assets but also our customers. By providing roadside assistance to our fleet, mobile workshops to our sites & full maintenance facilities at our depots, Gogar Services helps keep downtime to a minimum, maintenance to a maximum, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout.




Our modern, fuel-efficient fleet of Volvo & Iveco lorries offer our drivers a safe, comfortable environment. All our road vehicles have full telematics which is monitored closely by transport managers, and customers, to make sure vehicles arrive on time and to preempt any potential delays. Our plant division is a mix of modern and classic machinery, sometimes new isn't always best depending on the application. All machines are fully maintained to the highest degree ensuring mission readiness and safety.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Some resources we are offering which you may find useful:


Gogar Services Ltd. is presently providing a deep clean service for our customers which are all carried out in line with the latest Government Guidance re COVID-19.

It is essential to ensure that cleanliness is to the fore and our service includes: -


  • cleaning office premises

  • vehicles involved in the collection and transport of waste

  • company cars & other associated vehicles 

  • street furniture and any other units/areas used by the general public (small detailed areas to large scale areas)  




Community Support is at the heart of what we do, a happy community both in and out of the workplace is what makes our wheels turn. We frequently support local events in the areas we operate, donate to charities and offer equal employment opportunities, including training, with no restriction on age, gender or race.



At Gogar we're constantly innovating, researching and developing to offer our clients the best possible solutions. With a proven track record at doing the impossible Gogar Services is the go-to company when time-critical industrial solutions are needed. In the video below you'll see one of our recently developed industrial cleaning solutions to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. 



Take a browse at some of our machinery, sites and general operations

Current vacancies:

  • Class 1 HGV Driver

  • Class 1 HGV ADR Driver

  • Skilled Labourer


Please call for more information.




Telephone:    01259 728203

Hours:     24/7, 365 days a year


Address:     East Gogar



                     FK9 5QB

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